Manuscript clients whose books have been published include:

Bonny Barry Sanders: October House, Cherry Grove

Marjorie Power: Seven Parts Woman

Joannie Stangeland: In Both Hands, Ravenna Press

Barbara's Thomas: Quiescence--just out from Inkwater Press

Larry Matsuda: A Cold Wind from Idaho, University of Washington Pacific Northwest Writer's Series


Carol White Kelly: Out of Deep, Unordered Water, published by Third Place Books in 2015

Christianne Balk: The Holding Hours--published Summer 2016 by University of Washington Pacific Northwest Writers series

Sharon Scholl: Summer's Child--accepted by Finishing Line Press in October 2015

Kurt Olsson: Burning Down Disneyland--Winner of the Barry Spacks Poetry Prize; Gunpowder Press 2017

Lynn Knapp: Giving Ground--accepted by Poeming Pigeon Press, forthcoming in 2017

Manuscript clients whose books are circulating include:

  • Lillo Way: Wingbone--finalist at Red Hen and other major presses
  • Barbara Molloy: Heaven with Others