Skillman's poems have appeared in Southern Review, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Zyzyyva and elsewhere. She is the author of Came Home to Winter and a ‘how to’: Broken Lines--The Art & Craft of Poetry.

 "Skillman’s writing is complex and shrouded, driven by a speaker or speakers determinedly grasping for life or at least survival despite dread of a still-living and often undetectable adversary. In this way, House of Burnt Offerings invokes a vivid, contained, and upsetting poetic world that a reader agrees to enter, similar to the House of Mirrors at the small-town carnival."

    -- from The Pedestal Magazine's review of House of Burnt Offerings, by Ann Wehrman


Course offering: Generating Associative Verse, Winter 2020, Hugo House

New Verse

Came Home to Winter

“There is something about these pieces that is chill without being icy or bitter, wise without being cynical, and as striking as slanted autumn light glimpsed through tree branches.”              Pedestal Magazine

”So it’s a good thing that we have Judith Skillman’s newest creation, Came Home to Winter. For those of us with kids approaching adulthood, it paints a vivid picture of what to expect when you’re done having expectations.” - Tina Kelley, Mom Egg Review


  • Premise of Light

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Judith's poems sometimes focus on the experience of medical adversity. These have appeared in the Poetry & Medicine column of JAMA many times. (click on poem title, not pdf link) 

 Judith's paintings can be seen here
and an example art publication here.